Direct PCR reagent and kits

  1. Direct PCR Reagent DNAreleasy Advance
  2. FastGene® Direct PCR kits


GenoStaff cDNA libraries

  1. 1st strand cDNA libraries from mouse and rat


FastGene® PCR plastics - for perfect PCR results

  1. PCR Single Tubes with flat/domed cap
  2. 8-well PCR Strips and Cap Strips (flat/domed)
  3. 8-well PCR Strips with individual caps
  4. Non-skirted FastGene® 96-well “Easy to cut” PCR Plates
  5. Semi-skirted FastGene® 96-well PCR Plates
  6. Full-skirted FastGene® 96-well PCR Plates
  7. FastGene® PCR Adhesive Seals
  8. FastGene® Stay Cool Rack
  9. FastGene® 1.5 ml Reaction Tube


FastGene® Manual DNA Purification Kits 

  1. FastGene® Plasmid Mini DNA Kit
  2. FastGene® PCR/Gel Extraction Kit
  3. FastGene® Dye Terminator Removal Kit


DNA Electrophoresis

  1. Midori Green DNA Dyes
  2. FastGene® Agarose
  3. FastGene® Agarose Gel Band Cutter
  4. FastGene® DNA Ladder
  5. Mupid Electrophoresis System and Accessories
  6. Mupid LED Illuminator
  7. FastGene® LED Illuminators
  8. FastGene® UV Transilluminator


FastGene® Protein Electrophoresis

  1. Protein Electrophoresis Chamber
  2. Pre-Stained Protein Markers - in pink or bluestar
  3. IDSol™ Sample - and Running Buffers - For Protein Gel Electrophoresis
  4. IDMax™ Polyacrylamide Pre Cast Gels & Cast System - For Proteins and Nucleic Acids


Cell Biology

  1. Bambanker Cell Freezing Medium - For cultured sensitive cell lines


Laboratory Equipment

  1. Mini Centrifuge Quiety - The quietest centrifuge in your lab
  2. Homogenisator Mixy - For convenient handling of your samples